These ideas may jog your thought process: 

Carol Mason Design, mobile-responsive, custom website design These ideas may jog your thought process:
Did you know some businesses wonder why they need a website? They might think it is an unnecessary expense. The reason for having their own website isn't "yet" clear to them.

Do you represent your own business or a board or small business?

Are you thinking about having a website?
Or are you thinking of changing from a traditional website to a responsive website?

The information on this website will help inform your decision making.

Essentially to have your own website let's a visitor find you on the Internet. It gives you control over what people will see when they search for you. Generally, the Internet is a place to be found not a place to be private. Though there are instances that require a login (private) information, the essential purpose of a website is public.

Have you checked to see what the Internet knows about you? Why not Google yourself! [You can do this by opening a browser window (ex: Safari, Firefox, Chrome) and type in your name in the search window.] Are you there in the list? Does the information about you properly describe who you are and what your business offers?

If the "Google Search" information properly describes you, that is terrific. You likely have a website right now, right? So perhaps you are scouting around for assistance with a mobile-responsive website? I hope you will read on, explore and consider how a carolmasondesign mobile-responsive, custom website can help present your business.

If the "Google Search" information doesn't describe you adequately, or perhaps you are not there at all, having your own website will exponentially improve this situation. This is the key reason for seriously considering a moblie-responsive, custom website and the beginning of seeing the fees involved as a normal expense like an electric bill.

To recap, having your own website is a key tool in establishing who you are and what you do in your own words on the Internet. It will bring your business more visibility, bringing the possibility for more business to you.

Where to begin, how to locate someone you can trust and work with to help you?

Start by building a business relationship with a website designer.

For instance, working with carolmasondesign is about building a dependable two-way relationship. It is a rewarding experience that evolves and grows over time at reasonable rates.