Discovery and awareness

Staying open to discovery allows awareness.

What makes you think?

Does the word 'survival' spur your thought…?

Today, my friendly and extremely helpful postal worker knew I had been waiting a little bit for the post office to open after lunch. I really didn’t mind. 

But to thank me for the patience I exhibit on a usual basis there, he told me he had a story for me, as a thank you for waiting.

Wow, I really knew I had a treat in store because he has great stories.

He asked, had I ever heard of “army ants”? Well, no I replied. You see, I didn't expect this story.


Recently I had helped two friends send a package off for their retrieval as they walk the Appalachian Trail. This postal worker helped them. So I thought there might be a tie-in with his story today. But there was no tie-in. Then I felt silly to realize army ants only live in rain forests. Yes, of course, but I really didn't know that, I was now thinking about survival on many levels and he had just asked one question!

His story was about his son who lives near a rain forest in Asia. Yesterday his son took a walk in the rain forest and witnessed columns of army ants — a swarm of ants, 5 feet wide and at least a quarter mile long. He could actually hear the ants eating —  there were so many ants. They eat everything on their path as they walk; vegetation and animals.

How fascinating, (I thought)! His son was fine because he kept a distance and just observed.

I went home and Googled 'army ants'. Here is a link to learn more about army ants.

The army ant lifestyle is all about survival. They eat everything in their way during the day for a month and then they rest for a few weeks while eggs are laid. Once the eggs hatch, they walk again to find food for their hungry young. 

This eating frenzy causes a food chain for other animals (birds and butterflies) who have come to depend on the lifestyle of the army ants.

The word survival makes me think about how I respond to (think about) everything in my day. I know survival is generally thought of when we are in an extreme situation. Yet aspects of life today have taken on an extreme feeling. 

This brought to mind the factors that inform us all each day: news, weather, people we know and what they share and say, people we relate information to, how we respond to unpredictable events of the day, our emotions, awareness of nature and beauty, etc.

Are you aware of how your thinking is feeding you and others?

If you examine this question, it may propel you to do something new, different or be more conscious of appreciating what you naturally do.

You could say, responding and thinking contribute to our survival.

Can you find 2 wild turkeys? Surviving...walking with their purpose in mind.

Can you find 2 wild turkeys? Surviving...walking with their purpose in mind.


Each segment on this blog is here to show how various organic life examples also help one learn to relate to progress in technology. This is important -- if for no other reason than helping one be aware -- both organic and robotic conditions exist.

Staying open to discovery allows for awareness.