Our evolving technical society - awareness.

Hyanis, MA Sept 2016 - Carol Mason

Hyanis, MA Sept 2016 - Carol Mason

It is my hope to help each person who visits this blog increase their awareness of and understanding of -- technology -- and to assist each visitor's ability to better cope and function in our evolving technical society.


Some do not see the reason to be engaged with technology. They didn't grow up with it and it really can't be that important, right?

Some realize it is inevitable and don't know how to use technology. It is awkward to ask about something you don't know about when your children and some friends are more fluent... yet, perhaps you skim by -- thinking you are doing ok, right?

Some are using email comfortably, and using it exclusively. Does this sound familiar? Do you send letters in email instead of a document like Word or Pages? Then finding a mentor to assist you one-on-one can help you grow new skills. 

Some realize that technology tools are presenting the basis for the way life is being conducted today. For instance, having a smartphone enables a person to have a great deal of information at their fingertips and allows them to stay in touch with others in real time. So these individuals have intentionally become more engaged.

How to look ahead?

First steps to look ahead are: start taking courses, visit computer help groups, read articles/blogs on the internet, buy a smart phone and hand held device.

If you realize you need to know more and don't have a clue what to do, I hope the information I will be including on my blog posts will give you ideas and will perhaps serve as a springboard for taking steps forward.