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Hello, I'm very glad to welcome you to my Tech Tip Carol Blog.

There are varying levels of information here. Technology (Tech) matters!

Garden and statue in Southampton, England

Garden and statue in Southampton, England

The presentation of tech information is challenging when I know I'm speaking to people who may not know what I'm talking about. So I truly hope utilizing my observation of nature and relating it to tech think helps you find your way to your entry into tech thinking.

I speak to you as an expert in the field of tech with a background going back to Apple II Plus. 

I teach computer skills, awareness tech skills, build mobile-responsive websites and iBooks and program using the Apple language, Swift.

It is becoming more essential each day to understand tech basics and more about tech. Tech is at the core of building a more connected life today.

Understanding the tech basics will increase your ability to learn and add knowledge to your everyday interactions.

There is still time to get immersed but this phase of not being involved and seeming to be able to function well within the non-tech world is diminishing. Put in another way, the non-tech world is actually going away.

I invite you to read through the various posts (articles) that appear in this blog. Contact me for specific topics you'd like to have reviewed and written about. More are added each month!