Stickies, - do you know about them?

Technical tip: Stickies

Stickies is an app for Apple Macintosh computers (desktop and laptop) that puts Post-it-note-like windows on the screen, for the user to write short reminders, notes and other clippings (actually anything you can type or drag in can be stored here.) wikipedia.


This is what a Sticky note looks like. The color and size can be changed.


You can initiate Stickies by opening your Application folder. Search the list till you find Stickies, and click to open.

You can keep notes, lists, and even pictures in sticky notes on your desktop.

Drag an image into your sticky, make a list and change the color of a note. You see, this is a visual tool.

This tool is for people who retain information visually and work on one Apple computer or have an active project to do on one computer. Stickies don't live in the iCloud.

Yet, they can be very helpful if you are working on a project and want to see a variety of information on your desktop. Stickies remain visible on your desktop all the time.

Contents are stored in a file called StickiesDatabase in a hidden folder called Library. This file should be backed up on an external backup (more on backing up in a future tip).

To locate the (hidden) Library folder, click Finder, you'll see 'Go' tab, with Go dropdown open - press option key. This opens the Library folder. The information is alphabetical, so move down the list until you see StickiesDatabase.

Will cover thoughts on backing up this file in another post.

Meanwhile, enjoy using this nifty tool!