Discovery and awareness

What makes you think?

Does the word 'survival' spur your thought…?

Today, my friendly and extremely helpful postal worker knew I had been waiting a little bit for the post office to open after lunch. I really didn’t mind. 

But to thank me for the patience I exhibit on a usual basis there, he told me he had a story for me, as a thank you for waiting.

Wow, I really knew I had a treat in store because he has great stories.

He asked, had I ever heard of “army ants”? Well, no I replied. You see, I didn't expect this story.

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Observation...promotes learning.

Observation and a willingness to commune with nature begins to unlock facets about what is going on. In this frame of mind one enters into a world that can otherwise just appear to be a backdrop.

This frame of thought begins to hint at how to unlock the mysteries of working with technology and claiming your place within the Internet community.

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