Observation...promotes learning.



Nature. . .

is so inspiring.

Still and active.

Observation and a willingness to commune with nature begins to unlock facets about what is going on. In this frame of mind one enters into a world that can otherwise just appear to be a backdrop.

This frame of thought begins to hint at how to unlock the mysteries of working with technology and claiming your place within the Internet community.

Let's take water for example.
Water has so many forms. In Winter when non-salt water is forming ice -- it sings as it expends and grows. Did you know, have you heard it? If you are aware, it is one of the magic moments in Winter.

After ice forms and then warm conditions occur, another transformation happens...
Let's take a vernal stream for example.
During the dry times of the year, one wouldn't know there could be water in that spot. Once there is rain or melted snow a small or large stream forms. When this stream is sufficient enough to flow, a waterfall can result.

The beauty and order of nature can inspire, can ground our thinking. The laws that govern it's behavior begin to reveal themselves. When this happens, you could say, thought becomes anchored.

The same can be said for finding our rhythm with technology! 
Yes, finding an approach that let's us grow our understanding and allow technology to advance our experience. When we can establish this point of view we can learn.

Why do I bring this up? Technology is changing how we live.
Being in a frame of mind that is curious about change and finding out how and why it operates can help us find our comfortableness that promotes understanding.

So for me, the same spirit of observation that I apply to nature applies to work with technology. Perhaps such an approach would help you as well.